MVO Gateway

Move all your fixed line customers
to the mobile network...

Fixed to mobile in no time ...


Fixed to mobile in no time...

Our philosophiesto make it simple - means everything

Want to keep landline customers in your network, or would you like to move new customers towards your platform ...?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. But it can always be improved ...

Landline Telephone

Many people say that fixed line is "dead". Nothing could be more wrong ...

One Packet

It should be swift and easy to be a customer. Therefore, we must be innovative all the time ...

– MVO Gateway –

(Mobile Voice Gateway)

A new innovative solution – which makes a complicated operation very simple
    The MVO Gateway is a new innovative Plug & Play product that enables the conversion of fixed-line networks to mobile networks quickly, easily, and effectively …
    No more cables and fixed telephone jack. The MVO Gateway works where anywhere that has a plug and a mobile signal …

Simple DesignDanish Design at its best. Simple and functional

Some statistics


millions of fixed telephone lines worldwide 2015


millions of landline telephone connections in Germany 2015


fixed telephone subscriptions in France per 100 people


millions of Fixed-telephone subscriptions in US 2014


millions of fixed-telephone subscriptions in China 2014

The obvious advantagesWorks in 3 quick steps ...


Fixed-line to mobile: The MVO Gateway enables you to move clients from a fixed-line network to the mobile network. (PSTN/ISDN to GSM) Flexibility and mobility: The client will now have a “mobile” fixed-line telephone and can move anywhere the client wants – quickly and easily.


MVO Gateway works in 3 quick steps: Insert SIM-card, connect fixed-line telephone, and plug MVO Gateway into the outlet. Now, the device is ready to use. Unlike other similar products on the market, we have made MVO Gateway simple and straightforward for the client.


Same user experience: The client will not experience changes relative to using his or her regular fixed-line telephone. With the MVO Gateway, the client can both receive and make calls, just as with a regular fixed-line connection.

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Here you can get a quick overview of MVO Gateway and all its possibilities …

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